About Brian Manning

A prophecy was foretold, that on October 29th, 1974, a powerful soul would be born. A soul so powerful, it must be split in two, otherwise the very fabric of space and time would be torn asunder. On that day, twin brothers were born, and immediately brought into the famed Black Dragon Fighting Society, for training to reclaim their birthright. They were thought to be two of the most powerful warriors in the ranks. It was apparent soon after their training started, that the prophecy was completely false. They were just a regular pair of twins. Nothing special. Meh.

My brother's story is his own to tell, so I'm just going to focus on me for now. As the prophecy stated, I was born in 1974. I grew up in Las Vegas, loving comic books, Sci-Fi movies/TV, video games, ninja/samurai stuff, cartoons, and any other kind of "pop culture" media a kid could get their hands on in the 80s. I've worked in several fields, but the majority of my time has been spent doing graphic design, illustration, and programming (HTML, Actionscript, JavaScript, Objective-C).

Most of my creative concoctions have been focused on art. Inspired by comic books, movies, sci-fi novels, and other media, I've spent much of my free time drawing, and have since stretched my wings to try painting, computer graphics, and even a bit of sculpting (which has proven too intimidating for me). The creative juices have since inspired me to start writing as well.

I started to truly enjoy reading after I graduated from High School. Mostly genre fiction (mostly science fiction and cyberpunk). I read a lot, but never really tried to write anything outside of backstories for role-playing game characters, or comic book characters that I wanted to create. I'm also a fan of video games, RPGs, comics, Star Wars (and sci-fi in general), anime, and a huge fan/student of martial arts (MMA, classic kung fu movies, boxing, etc).

As well as fiction, I have also written a nonfiction book, Battlefield HTML, as a quickstart HTML primer for beginners. I also run a few blogs (ZPrepared and SPAZCombat), as well as guest blogging for one of my favorite podcasts/sites, Geek Syndicate.