Evil Twin Brian

Artist, writer, blogger, podcaster, and fan of most things geeky (comics, video games, zombies). Dangerously Cheesy. I like to stay busy, so when I'm not wasting time with video games, or TV and movies, I tend to juggle several projects.

My Artwork

As trite and played out as it sounds, ever since I could hold a pencil I've always loved drawing. I remember always struggling to get the image out of my head and onto paper, but the journey to improve has always kept me going. Wanna see the kind of stuff I like messing around with? See more

My Writing

I've been having a lot of fun for the past few years, writing mostly nonfiction, and short story fiction.I've been working my way up to tell much larger stories, with a trilogy in the works. Want to stay current with what I'm working on, and grab some free samples? See more